Pathways to Restored Health
with HomeoBotanicals

Prevention is better than cure! Get ready for Winter by cleansing your channels of elimination and supporting your immune and respiratory systems in their ability to fight off infections.

6 Week Elimination Detox

Whether you have short or long term challenges to your health or not, the basic detox is for everyone. For optimum health, channels of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, blood and lymph need to be working and clearing sufficiently. The basic detox will not only clear these pathways, but will also work to improve their function, whilst supporting the nervous system at the same time.

Think of it as clearing and cleaning up a house before you start your renovations. Depending on the condition, the basic detox can help alleviate stagnation in the body, which in turn may see symptoms dissipate as the body returns to homeostasis (balance). Maintaining optimal function of the bodies elimination pathways can help to prevent chronic conditions from arising.

Targeted Detox

Environmental toxins, chemical and toxins are unfortunately a part of modern living. They exist in our food, water, in the air and in a variety of everyday product, from cleaning products to cosmetics. Therefore a deeper detox is often required, certainly the older we are the more likely our bodies are to be holding such exogenous toxins.

Intestinal parasites such as protozoans and helminths (worms) are far more prevalent than people realise. Often the host may not realise  that they are infected, yet they may be the cause of many digestive disorders.

Fungal overgrowth, such as candida can also be addressed during a more targeted detox, as can particular organs or systems of the body (see Lung Detox).

Lung Detox and Support

Our lungs are vulnerable to exogenous toxins, such as heavy metals in the air that we breath. Cadmium, which can be found in air pollution and cigarette smoke can lead to inflammation and damage, leading to acute and chronic pathologies of the lungs.

Our lungs form part of our complex innate immune system and is a first line of defence against microbes that we inhale. Therefore, removing toxins and supporting the recovery of lung tissue, as well as the function of the entire system can significantly impact our health outcomes, particularly during the Winter months.

Bespoke healthcare plans are available for those with chronic lung conditions.

Immune System Support and Restore

Many factors can impact upon our immune system and its ability to respond. Poor nutrition, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, lack of exercise, poor sleep, stress, sugar, alcohol, toxins and some medications can all have a negative impact our body’s defence response.

The aim is to help restore, support and balance the immune system for the prevention and management of acute and chronic infections. An ideal protocol for those with both autoimmune and deficient immune responses.

Bespoke healthcare plans are available for those with chronic immune conditions.

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