"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" Mahatma Gandhi

Please note that during Covid-19 restrictions, massage and other contact therapies will be under certain conditions. Please get in touch for more information.

No matter what your needs, I will do my upmost to help, and if it is not within my scope of professional practice, then I will refer you to another professional who has the relevant skills and qualifications to suit your needs.

Please feel free send an email if you have any questions.

I am now also offering online Naturopathic Consultations.

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Lucinda has a great holistic approach and I could not recommend her highly enough. I'd experienced problems with sudden fatigue and dips in mood for many years. She encouraged me to keep a food diary and talked me through what to record and look for. Within weeks I had identified food intolerance which I have since removed from my diet and my energy levels have hugely improved.
E Jones
Naturopathic Consulation
I know Lucinda to be a kind and compassionate practitioner with years of holistic experience. had a difficult battle with Lymes disease and an awful time on antibiotics. But after an excellent consultation I was given great peace of mind to receive Lucinda's powerful herbal remedy which helped to finish off my battle with Lymes and restore me to good health.I am very grateful to her and would not hesitate to recommend her services..
Andrew J
Naturopathic Consultation
I regularly have a 60 minute deep tissue massage with Lucinda. As a gardener I need it in order to relieve stress. I am a solid bloke, it has to be said, so it has been great to find someone who has the strength to work on me. I always book on a Friday evening as it helps me leave the week behind and get ready for the weekend. I also like the fact that Lucinda is so informative about a range of health stuff.
Thanks Lucinda!.
B Stroud
Indian Head Massage
Best massage I have ever had! My boyfriend treated me to massage. I’ve never heard of this type of massage before so I was really excited to try it. Lucinda was amazing! All tension feels dissolved! Thank you, I will definitely be back!
I Coley
Ayurvedic Massage
Lucinda has helped me so much to be able to get back to my old self. When I first started taking my herbal tincture I had a really positive response. Within a few days I saw improvement in my condition and it has continued that way. I am now finishing my third bottle of herbs, which Lucinda adapts as my condition changes, and am enjoying the best health I have had in six years.
L Meyer
Naturoapthic Treatment Plan
Being in my fifties, a bit overwieght, I suffer from high blood pressure. I was at the point when my doctor was insisting I should start taking medication to manage my BP. Trouble is once you start medication, you are on pills for life.

Lucinda reassured me that changing my diet and doing more exercise should lower my BP naturally. She advised me to look at my diet and see food as source of medicine and shared information with me that helped guide me on changes to make. I was surprised and overjoyed that I dropped by DP by over 20% in less than four weeks. Eating foods that control my BP is not a habit and I will monitor by BP to stay safe, but the idicators are that as long as I eat plenty of plant-based foods, I will be able to avoid the side affects of the alternatives. Thank
M Brown
Naturopathic Consultation
I had a 30 min Indian Head massage with Lucinda who was exceptionally thorough, even with very little guidance and was still able to release knotted muscles in my neck that have been trouble for some time. Another note: never knew my ears would like a massage as much as they did. Much better than I anticipated.
John C
Indian Head, Massage

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