As a teacher, education is at the heart of my practice. My aim is not just to offer consistent and effective advice and support to my clients, but also to facilitate them with the knowledge and tools required help them to stay in homeostasis (balance). In homeostasis, the body and mind are better able to cope with the physical, mental and emotional pressures of modern life. Naturopathic intervention can assist with the resilience required to achieve your goals, despite external influences.

My vision for Woods Way Wellness is to part of an inclusive, diverse and multi-disciplined healthcare community who aspire to the same philosophical aims. These encompass a striving and continued commitment to becoming a low carbon, ethical, sustainable and community spirited enterprise.  It is my aim to further embrace the practice of recycling, repairing, reducing and reusing, both on a personal and within my Naturopathic and massage practice. 

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carbon reductions using Scrummi towels

Woods Way Wellness is dedicated to as low a carbon footprint as possible. Therefore, only Scrummi towels touch the clients skin. Being biodegradable, these sustainably sourced towels are once only use.

The entire life cycle of a Scrummi towel has the same carbon footprint as ONE regular towel, this reduces the CO2 footprint by 90%. They are 100% biodegradable are compostable and will no longer exist 8 weeks after use. I encourage clients to take home their Scrummi towels to reuse as cleaning cloths, which will in turn reduce your need to purchase further no-biodegradalbe cleaning cloths.

carbon neutral products

I have been using Award Winning Neals Yard Remedies for almost 30 years. Why? Because I trust their products. Being one of very few carbon neutral companies in the UK, I am proud to use and stock their sense-sational, natural and organic ranges. Their botanicals are ethical and sustainably sourced, whilst also helping women in rural communities.

As with Woods Way Wellness medical grade amber bottles, Neals Yard’s famous blue glass containers can be reused again and again. As an animal lover and aspiring vegan, all products used are cruelty free. Amber bottles may be returned for sterilisation and resuse.

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95% of the worlds food requires carbon rich good soil

Supporting organic and bio-dynamic is essential for this as not only does it omit the destructive influence of chemical farming, but it also encourages the microbial diversity that is required to reverse the damage.  The loss of up to 60% of our organic carbon damage is why our foods are so depleted in vitamins and mineral.

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up to 60% of carbon is lost to conventional agricultural

According to a Government report the loss of our organic carbon has increased the risk of climate change. Soil restoration not only regenerates the fertility of our lands but can slow down global warming. It is for this reason that the herbs used at Woods Way Wellness are bio-dynamic and or organically grow.

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oxygen release through sustainable bamboo cultivation than by trees​

Woods Way Wellness uses bamboo towels over your Scrummi towels to add weight and warmth for that secure feeling. Because they do not touch the clients skin, these sustainable and naturally anti-bacterial towels require less frequent washing. This further reduces the carbon footprint of the company.

And not only that, in nature bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and feeds us up to 35% more oxygen than trees do! Hemp also produces more oxygen than trees, the oil of which I also use in my practice for this reason. By using sustainably sourced products, Woods Way Wellness is supporting the development of other ethical companies. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified that conusmer choice affects climate change. Let’s make a difference!

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vitamin A supplementation reduced mortality rate by up to 50% for acute measles sufferers

We are all used to hearing about nutrient deficiencies in the developing world. However, many are unaware of just how depleted in nutrients our soil, and therefore our food, has become. Many do not realise how well a simple intervention of nutrient supplementation can positively effect outcomes of diseases, such as the example given here.

Due to loss of vitamins and minerals in our food supply, many, particularly women, are deficient in essential nutrients. Nutrients are more bio-available as a food than a supplement. For this reason Woods Way Wellness will be partnering with Wild Nutrition whose combination of essential nutrient supplements are created in a way that harnesses the power of live food. This innovative approach is known as Food-Grown®.



A Naturopath will choose the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies. 

Referral is an essential part of Naturopathic practice if clients needs are beyond my professional scope of practice.


A Naturopath identifies and utilises the body’s innate wisdom which seeks to return to homeostasis. 

Treatments are chosen for their potential to harness the ability for the body to heal itself.


Through questioning and listening the Naturopath identifies the root cause of imbalances.

Bespoke treatments will be aimed at removing blockages to well-being and restoration of health.


A Naturopath will seek to educate their clients on how to take responsibility for their own health.

It is our role to empower clients to embrace a future of well-being that can often lead to long term, positive changes.


Naturopaths treat the patient, not the disease. However symptoms may be alleviated whilst finding the root cause.

Physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors all help identify appropriate treatment.


Taking all of the Six Principles of Naturopathy into account, a picture of the individuals health pattern is established.

The client will receive guidance on how best to ensure health promotion and sickness prevention.

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