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Nutritional Therapy can be complex but also be very simple, depending on the nutritional and health status of the client. Naturopathic Nutrition focuses on the use of whole and nutrient dense foods, viewing food as a source of medicine. There are foods that harm and foods that heal and Food as Medicine is an ancient practice, dating back a millennia.

During your initial Naturopathic Consultation you will be asked about your diet and may be also asked to complete a food diary over the following week. This will help to give insight into what nutrients, vitamins and minerals you may not be getting enough of, which may be creating deficiencies that could be causing or contributing to your symptoms.

In order to identify causative factors, you may be asked to remove some food and drink items from your diet, which may be a temporary measure. An allergy test via one of Woods Way Wellness’ partners is available to fast track this process in order to quickly identify barriers to symptom resolution. Where deficiencies occur, diet alone may not be enough initially, in which case nutraceuticals may be recommended.


It may be necessary restore your body’s ability to digest, absorb and assimilate your food.  This may require part of the Triple D Plan, to detox the body and replace, repair and reinoculate your gut microbiome. Gut microbiome is an incredibly important part of our immune system and when compromised can lead to complex disorders.

In a changing world we need our health to be at its optimum and the way to achieve this may vary from person to person. You will be given guidance, when required or requested, on special diets, such as gluten or dairy free, ketogenic or vegan diets. I have a personal history of and passion for fasting, of which there are many different types.

Mineral Therapy is often overlooked but in fact has been used since the sixteenth Century. There are numerous minerals that are essential for our health, yet many people do not have adequate amounts, particularly women, required to maintain good health and well-being. Therefore, supplementation may be required. Mineral Celloid remedies are very good for children as they are chewable.

50% more omega 3 fatty acids in organic meat & milk

The question is not, “Can they reason” nor, “Can they talk” but “Can they suffer”

up to 60% more antioxidants in organic food

Humanity’s true gold is our soil, and it is right under our feet.

up to 70% nutrients lost in supermarket broccoli

Brocolli has the potential to protect the lungs by clearing infection causing debri.

Being in my fifties, a bit overwieght, I suffer from high blood pressure. I was at the point when my doctor was insisting I should start taking medication to manage my BP. Trouble is once you start medication, you might be on pills for life.

Lucinda reassured me that changing my diet and doing more exercise should lower my BP naturally. She advised me to look at my diet and see food as source of medicine and shared information with me that helped guide me on changes to make. I was surprised and overjoyed that I dropped my DP by over 20% in less than four weeks. Eating foods that control my BP is now a habit and I will monitor by BP to stay safe, but the indicators are that as long as I eat plenty of plant-based foods, I will be able to avoid the side affects of the alternatives.

Thank you, Lucinda Woods.
M Brown
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