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Step 1 - Consultation
& Assessment

Initial consultations are a vital start to your process of healing. A main Principle of Naturopathic Practice is to treat the cause, and not just the symptoms and the dis-ease of the individual not just the diagnosis. Naturally, acute sypmptoms will be addressed as healing begins.

In order to accomplish this, a range of questions need to be answered, such as your presenting complaint/s, current medications, personal and family health history, bowel movements and emotion patterns to name a few.  This allows for a clear picture of your unique situation.

Prior to your next appointment, you may be asked to complete a food diary for a week, make observations about habits, or make slight adjustments to diet and lifestyle. Physical assessments may also be performed during this time, such as a blood pressure reading, tongue, nail and iridolgy analysis.

In the interim between the first two appointments, your bespoke Treatment Protocol will be created based upon your individual needs. The Naturopath’s focus at this stage is to seek to understand the root cause (The Twig) of their clients dis-ease, which is a process which occurs upon reflection and analysis, which takes place outside of consultation time. 

Step 2 - Treatment
& Follow-up

In your follow-up appointment you will be presented with your Treatment Plan. This is designed following your consultation and naturopathic analsysis which will help you begin your individual healing journey, with awareness of and attention to the root cause of your disharmony. 

Treatment Plans might suggest a commitment to practices such as of Food as Medicine, an elimination diet, or a food, mood or sleep diary. Clients have access to genome and allergy testing if they feel that they would like to fast track their treatment.

Where imbalances require intervention it may be suggested that you purchase any of the following:  personalised herbal tincture; nutritional supplements; mineral therapies; nutracueticals; Bach  Remedies, or a detoxification and repair strategy. Further adjustments to diet and lifestyle may be suggested, incrementally.

Depending on the complexity of the client’s needs, second consultations can take anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes. The results of your treatment will be a reflection of your commitment and compliance to your Treatment Plan.  Please bear this in mind when embarking upon this journey, positive intentions, patience and commitment are key! 

My initial assessment with Lucinda was so different from any other consultation I’ve ever had. She listened carefully to what I said and was genuinely interested in my replies. I realised that she was taking me seriously and that took away a lot of anxiety that I’d held. I was beginning to doubt myself and had been thinking my condition was all in my mind because of the way my consultant speaks to me. I now realise that I was right, and Lucinda taught me that there’s a lot I can do to help myself
Naturoapthic Treatment Plan


Find some space in your diary and your finances to focus on your health; your future; your self. We all deserve it.

Please note that due to Covid-19, for those affected by job and financial insecurities and concerns over underlying health conditions, please contact me for a discussion about individual circumstances and subsequent reduced costs for consultations during this period of uncertainty.

Wishing you much love, light and laughter - Lucinda

Initial Consultation:   £80 – 90 minutes

Follow-up Consultations: £30/£60/£80 –  30/60/90 minutes

Cost of Naturopathic recommendations:

Bespoke Herbal Tinctures: £8-£12 per 100 ml

Bespoke Bach Remedies : £5 per 50 ml/£30 including 30 minutes consultation

Indicated Neutraceutics: varied, depending on indications

Indicated Mineral Therapy: varied, depending upon indications

New clients receive a complementary bespoke Bach Remedy

Triple D clients recieve complementary kefir grains to restore microflora

Are you still unsure? it might help to think about how much you value your health. What does your health mean to you, to your family, to your future? Can you live without good mental and physical well-being? How important is your quality of life?

Now think about how much a month you might spend on your car, spa or bar. Which of the purchases you made this month are truely an investement in your future? Food for thought indeed.

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