Naturopathic Consulation

Summary of Consultation:

  • Conglobate acne, characterised by the presence of cysts, the involvement of the sinuses and the scarring
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Diet heavy in sugar, alcohol and salt
  • Family history of diabetes.
  • Works in an office, poor ventilation

Naturopathic Analysis:

It is likely that hormonal changes at condition.  His diet is high in sugar the age of 17 was the cause of onset, causing excess secretion of sebaceous glands, however there are likely to be other factors that exacerbate and sustain this from tea, beer, fizzy drinks and snacks, excess sugar depletes certain vitamins and minerals that are needed to metabolise nutrients, leading to deficiencies. Lack of water intake means that metabolic toxins cannot be flushed out of his system sufficiently.

The blocked sinuses that often occur when he has a cold also indicate lymphatic overload/allergic tendency.  The presence of acne on the neck area (lymphatic nodes) also indicates lymphatic congestion. He has a sedentary job so I enquired about how much physical exercise he gets. He used to be quite active at school but now feels that it makes his condition worse due to sweating (this may be putting him off exercising).  

Poor circulation due to lack of exercise will further impact the stasis of the lymphatic system and toxic encumbrance is likely to be the result.  During physical exercise the body’s attempt to cool down by releasing sweat is likely to be the reason for exacerbation at these times, as the sebaceous glands are already blocked.   

Sunshine synthesises vitamin D, which is closely related to hormone oestrogen and cortisone, therefore the fact that his condition is improved by exposure to sunshine indicates a hormonal imbalance. His poor diet and binge drinking is likely to be affecting his absorption and digestion.  It is likely that he has an underactive liver caused by the alcohol drinking resulting in reduced bile salt synthesis. A good bile flow is required for the breakdown of fats as well as lubrication for the passage of waste from the bowel, which may be contributing to his constipation which will be causing toxins to be reabsorbed into his system causing further toxic encumbrance. 

Poor liver function also results in poor metabolism of foods and can chemically alter or excrete thyroid hormones and steroid hormones, which may be the cause of any hormonal imbalance occurring. The alcohol consumption would also be adding to the liver picture and its ability to regulate hormones. The liver and other eliminatory organs such as the kidneys and bowel will be under increased stress due to the fact that the skin is not eliminating toxins which are therefore being recycled from the bowel, all of which will be putting an increasing load on the lymphatics.   

A tendency towards sympathetic dominance of the nervous system may indicate overstimulation of adrenal glands which are responsible for the secretion of steroid hormones.The headaches may be due to toxins in the body and the weight loss is likely to be due to the fact that nutrients are not being broken down and assimilated by the body due to increasing toxic levels indicated by the worsening of his condition.  

His colds twice per year may be due to a reduced function of the immune system may be stressed due to overuse for some time and because sugar and alcohol are suppressors to the immune system.  Also nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin A, zinc and essential fatty acids will further reduce immune function.  Immune function should improve with diet and lifestyle changes.

Other considerations:

It is important that the client, although young, should address his diet and lifestyle in the long term due to a family history of diabetes.

Treatment Protocol:

Detoxification lymphatics, blood, liver, bowel and kidneys 

    • Improve circulation 
    • Improve digestion and bowel fow
    • Increase bile flow 
    • Balance hormone secretion (endocrine system) 
    • Soothe nervous system 
    • Reduce inflammation/infection and assist healing with minimal scarring (topically) 
    • Increase fluid intake/reduce fat and sugar intake

Outcomes at 6 weeks:

During his second consultatoin in the second week following the beginning of herbal treatement, the client reported changes to his constipation. He has tried to reduce his alcohol intake but finds peer pressure difficult therefore he says he finds himself drinking lots of water before and after a night out, and sometimes “sneaks one [water] in” at the when it is his round. The extra hydration and bile stimulants are likely to be assiting with his bowel flow.

He says that he feels calmer during the week, but that his anxiety is still really bad on Monday’s. I remineded him that although alcohol appear to be relaxing, it is in fact a stimulant and likely why the anxiety is still very present after a weekend of drinking. He says that although he tries to take the stair instead of the lift at work, he has not found the time to do any exercise. I asked if perhaps one of his friends that he socialises with at the weekend engages in regular sport or physical hobbies, as they might be able to encourage each other to drink less in order to make use of the weekends for exercise (he says he is usually too hungover).

The clients skin appears less ‘angry’ which is something that he is really pleased about, but the acne and scarring remains. I reassured him that this will take more time, particularly the scarring, although he said he likes the smell of the topical cream I made for him but fogets to use it sometimes. 

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